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Thread: Weapons laws of the Russian Federation now available on-line

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    Weapons laws of the Russian Federation now available on-line

    Before this gets relegated to the Law Library I hope that there will be some discussion of our reactions to reading the Russian Federation's weapons laws. I'm especially struck by the rules for defensive use of weapons (which I take to mean all weapons) against women, the disabled, and minors. Either the Russians have not developed the "yob" youth subculture or they have their heads up their fundaments for reasons I do not understand.

    Given the former Soviet Union's fear of an uprising by the peasants/serfs I can see why they have carried over some of the restrictions, and at the same time am amazed at the comparative laxness in meeting the criteria to own firearms.

    I'm also amused to see that they do not allow possession of handguns (those evil impliments of political assasination) but start out with shotguns with only a passing grade on a safety test. I guess they never met a Sicilian.

    stay safe.

    Weapons Laws of the Russian Federation

    David Kopel • June 12, 2012 4:05 pm

    For those of who have been waiting for an English translation of Russia’s arms statutes, your wait is over. Independence Institute intern Margot van Loon is the author of the new Issue Paper, Weapons Laws of the Russian Federation. Here is a synopsis:

    • No permission or registration is needed to purchase and carry chemical defense weapons (e.g., tear gas guns) or electric defense devices such as stun guns.
    • Citizens have the right to acquire shotguns for self-defense and sport.
    • After five years of lawful ownership of a shotgun, a citizen may obtain a permit to purchase and use rifles for sporting purposes.
    • An individual may own up to five rifles and five shotguns.
    • Handguns are prohibited.
    • All firearms must be registered.
    • Before obtaining one’s first firearm, one must receive instruction in firearms laws and safety. Every five years, the firearms owner must pass a test demonstrating continuing knowledge of these subjects.
    • The first-time owner must also obtain a medical certification that he or she does not have any disqualifying conditions, such as mental illness or alcoholism.
    • In order to use a firearm for lawful self-defense, the crime victim must first attempt to give the criminal a warning, if practicable. Defensive use of firearms against women, the disabled, and minors is prohibited, unless they are attacking as part of a gang.

    On the whole, the Russian Federation’s arms laws show considerably greater respect for the fundamental human right of self-defense than do the laws of some other European nations, such as the United Kingdom or Luxembourg.
    The Russian Federation paper is part of continuing series of research papers from the Independence Institute providing full English translations of the arms laws of other nations. Other papers in this series are:
    Colombia’s National Law of Firearms and Explosives. Full translation of the Colombian statutes, along with historical and narrative explanation. By Jonathan Edward Shaw.
    Hungarian Weapons Law of May 2004. English translation and explanation, plus Hungarian text. By Crecy Azincourt.
    Mexico’s Federal Laws on Firearms and Explosives. By David Kopel.

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    No clause for issuing one AK-47 to all Russians with a bottle of vodka? I r disappoint.

    On a slightly serious note, I don't see any mention of FA weaponry. Is that because they're not discriminated against or because the author assumes it 'goes without saying?'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack House View Post
    On a slightly serious note, I don't see any mention of FA weaponry.
    Ya gotta read the paper and not just the synopsis.
    Statute 3. Civilian weapons
    Weapons belonging to this category are intended
    for use by citizens of the Russian Federation in selfdefense,
    sports and hunting. Civilian firearms should
    exclude weapons with rapid-fire capabilities, and
    must have a magazine capacity (drum) no greater
    than 10 rounds.

    Civilian weapons are divided into the following subcategories:
    1. Self-defense Weapons:
    smooth-bore, long-barreled
    weapons ...
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