Not sure if he was a member on the forum here but I was sitting having breakfast with friends when he walked in and approached the waitress (good kid) and she saw his open carry piece and stated "I don't think you can have that thing in here, it's a bar" and he proclaimed that if it was an area for people under 21 it is legal.
I have been over this with the owners as the first time they seem me carrying there was some nervousness over it which I believe the owner called the PD but they failed to show up, since we have talked on several occasions and are fine with it, it was their young waitress (niece) that was not aware and now do to this incident she proclaimed "is everyone carrying a gun in here?" and several smiles popped up as there was 3 others beside him carrying that day.

I did not catch his name but did get him and his friend to where they were going as they did not know Yakima.