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Thread: Forget Gold, Buy Twinkies and Bullets

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    Forget Gold, Buy Twinkies and Bullets

    Why Bullets?

    As things get worse, demand for bullets will go up. There are two reasons to have bullets when the country declines: to protect what’s yours or to take what’s someone else’s.
    In either case you need bullets. Am I right? The demand on either side helps create the demand on the other side. You will make a *#!?* having stocked up in advance.

    Instead of the guy with gold or even Twinkies, you will be known as the guy “with the bullets” and no one will mess with that guy. Where there’s bullets, there’s guns.

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    shhhhhhhhhhhhhh... prices will go up.

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    For years, I have been telling people that gold is great, but it is only worth anything so long as the basic economic structure remains in place. If things go into total collapse mode, gold will be just like any other pretty rock: next to worthless. You can't eat it, and it's damn hard to put food on the table with it.

    .22LR cartridges will be the dollar bills of the SHTF world.
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