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Thread: Fail to Feed issue...your thoughts?

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    Fail to Feed issue...your thoughts?

    I have a Tanfoglio Witness .40 compact all steel frame that, depending on ammo, will fail to feed the last round. Shooting white box Winchester FMJ, the last round will fail to feed 1 out of 4 or 5 mags ( I only have one mag ). Sometimes more often, sometimes less. Shooting Federal FMJ, I don't seem to have this problem. If I remember correctly, the bullet profile is slightly rounder on the Federal than Winchester.

    The fail to feed seems to push the bullet end of the round high in the chamber.

    Have you experienced this issue with other guns? What was the solution?

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    I have had this issue and it was due to a weak magazine spring. I would change the spring in the magazine you have or buy another magazine and see if the problem persist. Some ammo will not work well in a mag with a weak spring.

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    Wolff makes some excellent replacement springs for all areas of handguns and long guns. They would be the first place I'd check if you need springs of any kind. Hollow points have a problem in some guns, but it's more consistent than your "last round" FTF, and easily corrected in most pistols by polishing the feed ramp. Pax...

    P.S. Wolff's website is:
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