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Thread: For Court Case Buffs--Incredible Alignment of Circumstances

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    For Court Case Buffs--Incredible Alignment of Circumstances

    Below is an excerpt from a news story. If the teenager's name turns out to be Garner or his nickname is Tennessee, the circle will be complete.

    About 20 minutes after the homeowner searched one of the teens, the three [teens] arrived in another section of the sub-division where two were on bikes and one was on foot. As the off duty officers approached, one of the teens ran off, a second was detained by one of the off duty officers and a third teen, who we are calling J.L., arrived in the 3000 block of Miranda Place. That's where he says the officer said "Stop, or I will shoot you in the back." J.L. says he then sunk to his knees and the officer tackled him.

    You can read the full story here:

    I found out about it at this great little blog here:

    Why do I say "incredible alignment of circumstances"? These are all cases OCDO-ers are familiar with.

    Florida vs JL (anonymous tip about a concealed gun on a juvenile)

    Miranda vs Arizona (5th Amendment)

    Tennessee vs Garner (limitation on cops' use of lethal force)
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