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Thread: Oregon Concealed Handgun License Application Event

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    Oregon Concealed Handgun License Application Event

    Passing this along...........

    Oregon Concealed Handgun License Application Event

    We are coordinating with Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County, OR. to host a Washington based Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Application event.

    As you may know, Oregon allows for qualifying residents of adjoining states like Washington to apply for a CHL to a county sheriff. For many of us, particularly in Northern WA. It can be challenging and may require extensive time to pursue this.

    1. Interested, qualifying persons who are prepared to commit to this activity should contact and put 'OR. CHL event request' in the subject line;
    2. Copy/paste items 1-4 below and confirm that you meet these requirements with a YES for each line item and will bring all of the required poof documents to the event.

    Sheriff Palmer has agreed to process up to 40 applications based on available time; if I receive more than 40 requests, these will be placed on 'standby' for up to 20 slots and you will be notified as a standby candidate, that you may attend, but at the risk of possibly not being processed, depending on the number of confirmed applications who do not show.

    DATE: June 16, 2012 (Fatherís Day weekend)

    TIME: 1:00 to 3:00 pm

    PLACE: Vancouver, WA.

    (location venue will not be published online and only communicated to respondents)


    1. Photocopy of your of WA. Driverís License (or if active military, something showing WA. addr)
    2. A copy of a handgun safety course training certificate (see reference above for free online offering)
    3. Application fee, $65 cash, check, money order (exact amount), non-refundable
    4. Completed and truthfully answered all application questions available at: CHL 6.pdf )

    Failure to comply with ANY or ALL of the requirements above will result in:

    a. possible loss of registration status
    b. rejection of your application
    c. loss of your non-refundable application fee

    If you need to meet the firearms certification requirement, but havenít otherwise completed qualifying training - take the free online Maryland Police Training Commission firearm safety training course. Print the certificate upon completion and bring that as documentation.

    I understand that misrepresenting prior arrests is the #1 reason for rejection. Applicants will be finger printed and have a legal background check run on them, as is standard.

    To pre-register, please follow the directions in this post and email me with a simple YES to each of the questions in this message and be sure to bring your completed paperwork; do not send me your application or anything else.

    It would be great to arrange car pools to save on gas and congestion. If you are committed to attending and willing to drive others, that's great - please reply and coordinate that between yourselves, as I will have my hands full coordinating with the Sheriff and the registration list.

    The location venue will be a public facility, likely a restaurant. It's my goal to secure this location at no additional cost, based on people patronizing the establishment. However, it's possible there may be a room charge and if so, we'll all need to chip in to cover any cost.

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    Sent! Good thing I just did my Utah class last night!

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    ...already had a previous engagement scheduled for tomorrow, otherwise I'd be there!
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    Thanks for organizing this or getting the word around....I missed this opportunity last time and although it was short notice, was able to re-arrange a very busy weekend to get to attend.

    Note on your comment, I think I read that they want a copy of ones CPL as well as WA DL...

    good on you...

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