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Thread: July 14th 2012

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    July 14th 2012

    I will have a Shot Placement Class on July 14th 2012 0830hrs at the South River Gun Club.

    June 14th, 2012

    South River Gun Club


    What To Bring:
    500rds of ammunition minimum two magazines, magazine pouch, holster, snacks, drinks, lunch.

    Estimated Time:

    Class Size:
    4-10 students

    This is not a beginners class and it is open to students who have a basic certificate from any instructor, LEO, steel match, IPSC, IDPA shooters.

    Those who do not meet basic pistol skills will be refunded a portion of their money or it can be used as a deposit for my Basic Defensive Pistol class.

    It's mindset, marksmanship, and tactics that win gunfights not the largest caliber of lastest wonder bullet.

    Basic Pistol
    Defensive Pistol
    Combative Pistol
    Tactical Rifle Instructor
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