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Thread: disappointing Wadsworth gun store experience

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    disappointing Wadsworth gun store experience

    traveling through the buckeye state from IL and stopped in Wadsworth to conduct a firearm educational course for a group of friends and needed a few things so stopped at elite tactical supply on High street to see if i could find the items in question.

    Walked in, noonish...three men standing behind the large man yelling at the other two, one on the cell fone, other one shuffling papers on the counter...

    not one of them acknowledged our presence (big man even continued his rant at the other two tho) as we stood looking at the gun counter on the right side of the small store!! after 5 minutes of looking bewildered and w/o any of the men behind the counter saying a word to us, we walked out shaking our heads in disbelief on the lack of customer service...

    I took my couple of hundred dollars to another establishment which was quite happy to see our business...

    twas an excellent learning moment to my new employee on customer service...

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    Hmm. Elite Tactical Supply in Wadsworth has a website listed as

    That site redirects to Triad Gun, LLC at

    That site has only an 'under construction' graphic that does not display correctly.

    The phone number can be found by Google.
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