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Thread: Huron County Parks Firearms Rule

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    Huron County Parks Firearms Rule

    Am I correct that rule #4 (specifically the word "firearm") is not enforceable due to Michigan's preemption?

    Rules can be seen online too:
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    You are correct not enforceable. You should contact them via email with the preemption statue.
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    Hopefully the OP will also demand Huron County change that park rule/ordinance to comply with MCL 123.1102 if for no other reason than us lowly common folk have to comply with State law .... and so should our municipal government!

    Especially since as long as that sign is posted other folks who don't know about the preemption law will believe that sign IS law. And they will obey the sign never realizing an illegal rule/ordinance was just passively enforced as if it were law.

    And.... here is what grinds me... those in municipal government who want guns controlled in parks will leave that illegal ordinance on the books.. and the sign up... because they know gun carriers who don't know about the preemption law will....... obey the sign.... and their illegal gun ban will still be in effect.
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    they also can't regulate free speech ie profanity
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