Georgia Protective Measures – Shot Placement Class
I recently took a Shot Placement Class from Robert Wilson @ Georgia Protective Measures. This class is one of several which I have taken where Robert Wilson was the trainer in command. I am familiar with the style and class technique that Robert uses, and I can tell you that whether you are a beginner or one who considers himself proficient in handling firearms, you will know and feel from the beginning of the class that you’re being taught by someone who not only has outstanding skill with firearms, but he has been in the battles, literally, and can speak from true experience of being under stress and under fire. He not only teaches you how to shoot with confidence and skill, he can demonstrate that skill with the best of them.
I have been around firearms all my life, and I am fortunate to have gained a strong appreciation and respect for how important safety measures play into the entire spectrum of handling weapons of any kind. From the first class I took with Robert Wilson, it was apparent that proper safety measures were an absolute in his class. You will drill those safety fundamentals over and over again until they become second nature. That is a critical component for me. If I am going to be around people who are handling firearms with live fire, I want to know they are safe to be around. Trust me, you will learn very quickly that safety matters, and you will appreciate his focus on this important feature…your life and other’s lives will depend on it!
Back to the Shot Placement Class; this was a one day class with about 500 rounds expended. From start to finish, the class was professional and focused, but not stressful. Participants got a chance to meet and greet during break and lunch, and share experiences. We drilled repeatedly on situations depicting real life gun encounters. Robert works tirelessly with drills that teach you how to be aware of your surroundings, and to anticipate events even before they unfold if possible. This is NOT just target practice…and you will get plenty of instruction if your trigger control is off, or you’re having problems with locating your site picture properly. You will learn how to deliver accurate shots that put your attacker down. I can tell you from firsthand experience with my own real life situation, that repeated training and drilling on the fundamentals of assessing danger, reacting to it effectively, and shooting properly and accurately may be what keeps you alive. Robert’s classes will equip you to be a lot more proficient in all those areas than before you started. Sign up and you’re on your way to greater skill levels.
Gary Martin