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Thread: Facts gathered on a gray matter.

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    Facts gathered on a gray matter.

    I have a pending case from the state over a CPL violation to which I feel that it should not be. Allow me to explain: I was at the Union in Michigan State University where I was carrying my weapon. During this time we came about the premises to watch a friend compete in a poetry competition. As it got warmer I took off my jacket and my weapon was exposed. Next step further I was apprehended by the campus police and taken outside for questioning. Even though I was not arrested due to my cooperation and CPL, my weapon was seized and now being held by the department. Now I am being prosecuted against due to an ordnance violation. I understand what occurred and due with the ignorance and mistake that I accepted that fact. However the clarification based in where it occurred created confusion so I did research based on what I believe they have made a mistake. What I have provided below is the overview on the clarification based upon facts that I was actually within my rights to conceal and carry due the common mistake that the "Union" is seen as a pistol free zone.

    The pistol free areas are provided:,4643,7...0947--,00.html

    The current laws for Michigan State University
    "All Michigan Colleges and Universities, with the exception of Michigan State University, prohibit firearms throughout the entire Campus. "

    The Legislature itself:

    Ordinance Law of Michigan State University:

    Here are the facts:

    1)According to Michigan Compiled Laws Chapter 28, Act 372 of 1927, Section 28.425o. Amended, “Premises on which carrying concealed weapon prohibited” includes:
    (a) A school or school property except that a parent or legal guardian of a student of the school is not precluded from carrying a concealed pistol while in a vehicle on school property, if he or she is dropping the student off at the school or picking up the child from the school. [A school is defined as K-12; see below]. -Michigan State University is exempt from this due to being a college.

    2) I was not in a dormitory nor a class room stated the fact that the union is technically a memorial to American soldiers and a dinning area for students. via source:,4643,7...0947--,00.html

    3)The venue that was taking place was not larger than 2500 people so the fact that it is exempt as an event for more than 2500 people.

    I am having mixed feelings about what has occurred and even the possibility to represent my self. Opinions are greatly appreciated!!

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