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Thread: OC experience chesterfield

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    OC experience chesterfield

    Had an interesting experience today. Went to the local goodwill to drop off unneeded toys. I got out of the car and could not figure out why for the life of me I was getting the stink eye from other donators. While dragging out the toys one of the workers came over and said "I bet no one messes with you!". Now I was totally flummoxed because I have become so accustomed to no one even noticing and it is just a part of my regular habit that I was tongue tied for a moment. Then I said, no I guess not. He proceeded to tell me he wanted to get his CHP, I encouraged him to get training (as he said the reason he wanted it was to keep people from irritating him).

    What do y'all think.....did I do ok?

    Later on today we went to chick-fil-a, and had no problems whatsoever. Most don't notice and those that do look up at my face, I smile warmly and they usually smile back.
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    There is a reason people work for Goodwill....and it ain't because they need a hobby!

    Yes, you did fine.

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    You did more than just OK.

    Armed but not making a big deal of it? Check!
    Situational awareness? Check!
    Ambassador of goodwill (no pun there) and education? Check!
    Avoiding the bait of getting into a debate on the reasons for carrying? Check!

    stay safe.
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    Good job handling the situation!

    I had something similar happen over the weekend, but without the dirty looks. I was at a garage sale. The woman running it asked me what it was that I do for a living? I answered that I am a mechanical engineer. She said she asked because she wondered why I carried a gun. Something I didn't really expect. I told her flatly that "I dont want to be a victim". To that her husband piped in with "thats a good enough reason"!

    It seems that more people have been taking notice. So for me its good to have my answers sorted out. So I don't get caught off guard and send the wrong message.

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