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Thread: Looking for sights and holsters for the Ruger SR40C

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    Looking for sights and holsters for the Ruger SR40C

    I am currently carrying my Ruger SR40C and I have decided that it is time to upgrade the sights and look around for a new OWB holster. This is what I am currently using as my OC holster- And I have no problems with it. It has been a great holster, however I am wanting to get something that has more retention than Level 1. However I am having trouble finding a good holster out there meeting this requirement. There are alot of IWB holsters and Level 1 Leather holsters out there, but I just can not seem to find any for Level 2 or 3.

    As far as the sights go I am having the same trouble finding sights for the SR40C. I am wanting a better sight set up for low light conditions, a must for EDC I believe. Once again I can not for the life of me find sights to put on the .40. Unless of course the SR9C sight are compatible with the 40. I have not been able to get a clear answer on this however.

    So if any of you out there know where to look I would appreciate the info. Also if any of you out there own one of these please let me know what set up you are running as I am looking to change things up to make it slightly better as an EDC.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    I believe the SR9c and the SR40c are the same gun except for chamber. I know they both use the same frame.

    The Ruger web page reads : The SR40c is based on the same high-performance glass-filled nylon frame as those used on the popular SR9, SR9c™ and SR40 pistols, offering the same, great ergonomic features, including a slim frame, short trigger reach, reversible backstrap, and ambidextrous controls. The SR40c features a through-hardened, stainless steel slide or alloy steel slide with black nitride finish.
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    Get a Bianchi model 82 "carry lok" (OWB level 2 retention) for a Glock 19/23. The SR40c fits securely in this. I used to have a SR40 (full-size) and a SR9c, and both guns work in this holster.

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    As a test my son tried an SR40c in a Blackhawk Serpa lvl 2 for the SR9 and it was a tad tight but worked just fine he said.

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