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Thread: Rant thread.....damn Brown Recluse spiders!

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    Rant thread.....damn Brown Recluse spiders!

    I just killed three recluses in less than thirty minutes! This only tells me that there is a nest some where if they're coming in this often! Sheesh, more glue traps and bombing at the house now. Calling the exterminator in the morning to have the house bombed and sprayed! Sorry about this thread, but I just had to rant about this considering how annoying they are and I have been bitten before by them. The bite mark is not pleasant and is nasty after a couple of days!
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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Hmm, Kansas. I thought this story interesting. 2,000 in a home and no bites.
    J. Med. Entomol. 39(6): 948Š951(2002)
    ABSTRACT During a 6-mo period, 2,055 brown recluse spiders, Loxosceles reclusa Gertsch and
    Mulaik, were collected in a 19th-century-built, currently occupied home in Lenexa, KS. We conservatively
    estimate that at least 400 of these spiders were large enough to cause envenomation.
    Additional collections from more typically infested homes in Missouri and Oklahoma in 2001yielded
    45 and 30 brown recluse spiders, respectively. Despite these infestations, no envenomations of the
    inhabitants of these three homes occurred. Considering the levels of infestations with no bites in the
    homes presented here, nonendemic areas in the United States, which typically lack recluse spider
    populations and have had zero to few veriŽed specimens of the spider, do not have sufŽcient numbers
    ofbrownrecluse spiders tomakeenvenomationa likely scenario. Despite this, physiciansfromnonendemic
    recluse areas often diagnose brown recluse bites which, therefore, are unlikely to be correct.

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