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Thread: Help Wanted !!!

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    Help Wanted !!!


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    Justice, Department of

    Concealed Carry Weapons License Associate - 1 Permanent & 1 Project
    Job Announcement Code(s): 12-02215

    Classification Title: / JAC:
    Job Working Title:
    License Permit Program Associate

    Type of Employment:
    Full Time (40 hrs/week)

    Starting salary is $15.106 per hour($31,541 annually). This position will require a six-month probationary period. Pay schedule and range: 02-11.

    Kate Jochimsen, Human Resources Specialist, 608-266-0619,

    Bargaining Unit:

    Area of Competition:

    Deadline to Apply:

    Exam Information:
    Preview Exam

    In an effort to continue implementation of the provisions cited under 2011 Wisconsin Act 35: Concealed Carry Law, the Department of Justice is recruiting 1 full-time permanent position and 1 full-time project position to serve as License Permit Program Associates. The project position is approved for funding until Spring 2013.

    These positions are located in our downtown Madison office on Capitol Square.

    Job Duties:
    These positions provide program support for the Division of Law Enforcement Services Crime Information Bureau (CIB) programs with primary emphasis on the issuance of licenses and certifications to carry concealed weapons (CCW) in accordance with state statutes, administrative code, and department policies and procedures. Responsibilities include eligibility review including the conduct of required criminal background checks, program research and analysis, and records management. In addition, this position provides assistance in responding to contacts to the Handgun Hotline by licensed dealers regarding firearms purchases and maintaining the Handgun Hotline database, the Wisconsin criminal history database and other CIB databases.

    Special Notes:
    A criminal background check will be required prior to appointment to this position.

    A training program will be conducted to teach details of the statutes and laws.

    Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    A. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with the general public.

    B. Considerable knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing and database programs.

    C. General knowledge of laws, rules, and regulations applicable to criminal background checks and firearms purchases (Wis. Ch 175, Wis. Ch 941, 18 USC 922).

    D. Considerable knowledge of administrative practices and procedures necessary to plan, implement, and coordinate a program.

    E. Ability to work with a wide variety of people in an effective and efficient manner.

    F. Ability to rank work priorities and juggle multiple assignments.

    How To Apply:
    If you have a Wisc.Jobs account:
    1. Click "Log In to Apply" at the top of the job announcement and log into your account. Find and view job announcement code: 12-02215.
    2. Click "Apply Now."
    3. Review your Job Application and make any necessary updates and click "Continue."
    4. Complete the Job Preferences screen and click "Continue."
    5. A résumé is required to apply for this position, follow the prompts to create a resume or to upload an existing resume and click "Continue." All resumes must be limited to two (2) pages.
    6. You will be taken to the first page of the exam. Follow the exam instructions and click "save and continue" at the bottom of every page. When you have answered all of the questions, click "Finalize Exam" to submit your application for this job. Your responses to the questions are considered an examination and will be used to determine the eligibility for this vacancy.

    If you do not have a Wisc.Jobs account:
    1. Click "Log In" at the top of the webpage.
    2. Click the "Create New Account" button and follow the steps to create a new account.
    3. Click "Apply Now" at the top of screen and complete steps 3 - 6 from above.

    If you need assistance, email Kate Jochimsen at or call 608-266-0619.

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    Wonder if they'd let me work 4 10-hour days (or 3 12-hour days & I'd just lose the other 4h)?
    Commuting from Milwaukee to Madistan takes a while... gotta make it worth the trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKEgal View Post
    Wonder if they'd let me work 4 10-hour days (or 3 12-hour days & I'd just lose the other 4h)?
    Commuting from Milwaukee to Madistan takes a while... gotta make it worth the trip.
    They might, but you'd have to ask. Usually, unless there is a pressing need for certain work hours, the state's policy has been to encourage supervisors to be open to flexible work schedules. Often they designate "core" hours and allow flexibility on both sides of the designated core hours.
    A. Gold

    Failure to comply may result in discipline up to and including termination.
    The free man is a warrior. - Nietzsche "Twilight of the Idols"

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    15 bucks an hour... Wow. No wonder they're asking for more funding. They're paying top dollar for clerical help.
    Last edited by Trip20; 06-21-2012 at 05:19 PM.

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    The BU is non-represented but the goons will still demand their due - and dues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKEgal View Post
    Wonder if they'd let me work 4 10-hour days (or 3 12-hour days & I'd just lose the other 4h)?
    Commuting from Milwaukee to Madistan takes a while... gotta make it worth the trip.
    Better make sure your SAT is over 700..........

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