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Thread: Bass pro Shop A New Policy on carry???

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    Bass pro Shop A New Policy on carry???

    From article:

    So I decided to email Bass Pro Shops to see if they could set me straight on their policy regarding gun owners having to secure their concealed carry weapons while on the premises. I received a response from someone who only identified herself as Lynette that was really rather vague. Her email read simply

    “Thank you for contacting Your business is truly appreciated. Most of our stores do ask that you check and have your weapons secured upon entering a store. If you are wishing to know the guidelines for carrying a firearm into one of our stores you will need to contact the store directly. You can find the contact information for our stores from the link below. Please contact us again if you require further assistance.”
    An Amazon best seller "MY PARENTS OPEN CARRY"

    *The information contained above is not meant to be legal advice, but is solely intended as a starting point for further research. These are my opinions, if you have further questions it is advisable to seek out an attorney that is well versed in firearm law.

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    I think she was referring to firearms being brought in for fitting or service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carracer View Post
    I think she was referring to firearms being brought in for fitting or service.
    Why are you messing with the status quo - that the "check your guns" stuff applies only to stuff being brought in for service/sale/holster fit testing?

    It's like not asking why a business has not posted "NO GUNZ" signs - if you don't bring it up they have no reason to rethink the current way of doing things.

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    BPS is gun friendly, depending on the state they are in. That is a generic email because they follow states rules for that store.

    Here, where I am, they support CCW and have no issues with OC, since it is legal. They do request, if you do not have a CCW and are not OCing, you need to check it. The only time I have seen them check guns are those who do not have a CCW and are bringing firearms in for shooting or service; i.e range bag.
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    I think it was awesome that Bass Pro replied directly in the article comments.

    I have no idea why they would ask if a customer has a permit though. When I go to Wendy's and Burger King they don't ask if I have a drivers license.

    Bass Pro Shops

    In any state where there is a concealed carry issued to an individual, our policy is to only ask if the customer has the proper permit if one of our associates sees the weapon. As long as the customer confirms that they have the proper permit, we thank them for their time and tell them to have a wonderful day. We do not ask to see the permit, nor do we have any policy that requires our customers to check their weapon at the door. I would be interested to know the store location that this happened in so that we can correct this as soon as possible.

    Tobi Roberts
    Bass Pro Shops.

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