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Thread: Ashland Gun and Knife Show

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    Ashland Gun and Knife Show

    El Hasa Shrine Temple

    Jun 23 - Jun 24, 2012

    Saturday: 9a - 5p
    Sunday: 9a - 4p

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    There's needs to be some very serious changes with this show! It wasn't too bad in the distant past because even though they really didn't have alot, it wasn't very expensive to attend but this last one charged $8! That's just $2 shy of what the Lexington show is! This show either needs to be re-slated for a larger venue and expand the vendor's ALOT or else they need to drop the cost to attend back to $4 or $5!

    The vast majority of vendor's in attendance were private owners it seemed and I saw very few true vendor's this time around which is sad. If they're not going to be bringing in true vendor's then this thing could be simply conducted as a flea market setting.

    I keep attending this show hoping and praying that it will be better each time but sadly, it always seems to fall very short. We need a closer show than Lexington and while there's the Knott county show, there needs to be one in the Ashland area as well but this one needs a serious re-vamp before it dies out.

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