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Thread: Portland Pheonix Article 20JUN2012

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    Portland Pheonix Article 20JUN2012

    News article in the Portland Pheonix

    Snip -
    On a recent sunny morning at Coffee By Design on Congress Street, Norman Hamann is well-armed. He's got a Glock 19 handgun in his hip holster (loaded with a 17-round magazine) and two additional 17-round clips strapped to his left side. Just like always.
    I think overall Dierdre did a great job. She didn't misquote me at all and portrayed me in a pretty good light. I wish there would have been a bit more emphasis on the 4th Amendment violations and less on the 2nd Amendment issue, but 4th Amendment issues are not nearly as exciting.
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    We allowed he to observe one of our classes and she did a pretty fair job.
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