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Thread: California Senate To Rename Active Militia Members SAD

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    California Senate To Rename Active Militia Members SAD

    I kid you not. The California state Militia is having their basic charter reworked by a bunch of bureaucrats in the senate. Among many changes, those militia members will be referred to as SAD...for State Active Duty.

    STATUS OF SAD MEMBERS AS MILITARY- This bill clarifies that
    there is a status known as SAD. To the extent that there is any
    ambiguity as to whether SAD members are military (and not, for
    example, civil service employees), this bill resolves that
    ambiguity in favor of military status.

    ordered to SAD will be selected using a military competitive
    selection process. This responds to allegations that
    servicemembers have been placed on SAD status without being
    qualified or in otherwise improper fashion.

    REGULATIONS FOR SAD- The statute mandates that, pursuant to an
    order from the Governor, SAD regulations must conform as nearly
    as possible to those applicable to active duty military. As
    stated by the author, "This section applies not only to the
    regulations that govern of the SAD force, but also those
    regulations that apply to rest of the Department's activities
    and operations. This is necessary to ensure that the Department
    uses Department of Defense rules and regulations, which
    represent best business practices for managing a military force,
    whenever possible." The clear directive in the bill to conform
    SAD regulations as closely as possible to federal regulation
    removes permissive language in the existing statutes.

    section164.1 to clarify that the Adjutant General serves on SAD
    and shall receive the same pay and benefits pursuant to Section
    320, as all other SAD members. This resolves any ambiguities
    concerning the pay and benefits to which the Adjutant General is

    Talk about no respect

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    It just clears up the pay issue and assignment requirements for those called into state active duty. No different than when I served in the Louisiana State Guard. If called into active state duty I would get the same pay for working as a E6/SSgt in the State Guard as a person who was an E6 serving in the National Guard.
    It actually looks like a pretty well written bill which may clear up some probles the Cali AG has been having.
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