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Thread: Illinois Local Police

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    Illinois Local Police

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    I suggest you not waste your time following the link. In five separate posts on the Wisconsin forum members indicated there is something about the OP's story that pegs their BS meter. While I did not post in that thread, my meter sounded the alarm as well. Six posts in the forum state flatly to lawyer up, one even provides a link to a well-known attorney who has represented members of the Wisconsin forum and who might be an excellent source of information on competent Illinois attorneys. Instead of providing additional (requested) information on the Wisconsin forum the OP comes here looking for a handout.

    Of course, posting details of a pending legal action on an open internet forum wouldn't be a sign of questionable judgement, would it?
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    Post the police report.

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    I'm also going with calling BS...there is way too much information missing from the story. If he was on private property then there are no grounds for arrest....+1 for a police report

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