This gathering will be held on private property and the property owner encourages OC. This will be a chance for anyone who wishes to OC to come on out and get a chance to do so before 1 Nov. There will be a presentation by OKOCA Director and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Franklin Smith which is designed to help you understand some of the challenges associated with OC and help you become more comfortable with it. If you are accustomed to OC, come on out for a refresher. Mr. Smith is a former LEO so there will also be tips on how to interact with LEO's should you ever be in that situation.

There will be a cookout and everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass. Also, bring your own seating if you want to sit anywhere other than the ground. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Come join us on 7 July at 6:30 pm at 2312 N. Atlanta Pl. Tulsa, OK 74110. If you plan to attend, please indicate so on our facebook events page so we can get an idea of how many people we will have in attendance.