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Thread: Border protection system and solution

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    Border protection system and solution

    Interesting. A cheaper solution then the fence and nearly 100% reliable? Obvious that Dems and Reps don't want to really fix our border problems.

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    I was thinkin something more along the lines of claymores filled with rubber buckshot. Itll ruin anyones day after hiking for a couple days straight. I seen or read somewhere that embassies use the claymores with less lethal buckshot in em just in case...
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    ^ plus two fences spaced far enough apart to be a dog run. Less than lethal claymores not in the dog run of course, but on the outside wall. Fill dog run with trained dogs that are friendly only to handler, and not to other people.

    ... plus the cartel guys need to just be shot on sight, no questions asked. They're more trouble alive than dead.

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    Most effective solution is to deport illegal immigrants to the middle east unless they're from the middle east.

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    We can take pictures of them, but if they have guns, we won't send anybody. If we do catch them, we don't really do anything of significance. We're being invaded. Just start shooting them. If they came across carcasses of fellow invaders along the way instead of supplies of water and maps, maybe they would turn around and go home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Automatica View Post
    ^ plus two fences spaced far enough apart to be a dog run.
    Hell with dogs. Hungry alligators and a moat would work wonders.
    "Let your gun be your constant companion during your walks" ~Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ca Patriot View Post
    There is only one effective measure to guard to the southern border...THE MILITARY.

    We have bases all around the world and all around America. Move half of them to southern california, arizona, new mexico and texas.

    If citizen patrols of elderly, unarmed, disabled Americans could signigficantly slow the flow of illegal aliens across the border than surely the US Military could do the same.
    My only question is, "Under what rules of engagement?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFCRetired View Post
    My only question is, "Under what rules of engagement?"

    i submit this, and anyone can hate me or my view if they wish i really don't care. It is just the way i feel, and after being shot at in a far off land i think i have the right to say it.

    A Hundred people crossing your boarder is Illegal immagration
    A Million is an Invastion !!!!!!

    you can argue all you want but facts are facts, try it anywhere else on this Planet and see what happens.

    Bring our Troops Home , Line the Boarders, and Kill anything that crosses, other than at a normal check point with proper paperwork.
    Thats the only rules of engagement we need.
    "To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them."
    - George Mason

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