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Thread: Alabama Gun Rights/ Alabama Open Carry meeting

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    Alabama Gun Rights/ Alabama Open Carry meeting

    This will be the biggest Gun Rights/Freedom/Open Carry meet up ever in the State of Alabama. This is as grass roots as it gets guys. Doors will open at the Northport Civic Center at 10am on July 21st and the first class, “Handgun self Defense” will start at 10:30am. At about 11:15 “Gun Law in the State of Alabama” will start. Both classes will be repeated after lunch and the Main event starting about 2:30 and last about 30 minutes each. We are limited to about 50 “Students” for each class and it’s first come first serve. The event is catered so your lunch will be provided.
    We’ll eat our catered lunch (barbeque chicken, pork, beans, cole slaw, potato salad, tea and nanner puddin), at 12 sharp. At 1pm we’ll start the Main Event. Our main speaker will be John Monroe from Atlanta. John’s a Lawyer, the VP of Georgia Open Carry and has handled many gun related cases. You won’t be disappointed here.
    To get your name on the “Guest” list you must get me $15 for each person attending. You can do that by mailing it to Eddie Fulmer 4409 Oak Meadow Drive Northport, Alabama 35473, or you can see me at our monthly meeting at Dreamland next month, or you can send it via paypal to and mark the payment as a gift. Motels are available in the area if you need an over night stay.

    Alabama Gun Rights Tuscaloosa meet up
    Rules and Considerations

    1. You may bring a holstered weapon as long as it stays holstered. If you take your weapon out for any reason, other than self defense, you will be escorted out of the building. LEO’s included. Safety first!! No exceptions!! A holstered weapon will not fire!
    2. We love children and they are welcome. However if your children can’t remain still or makes noise, or cries during the presentation, please take them to the Foyer. Sorry, this is about learning and we want no interruptions whatsoever during our “learning time” Please respect this!
    3. Tickets are required for everyone. No exceptions and no refunds. Upon entrance you will be required to have your hand stamped, like a bar, so you may come and go as you please.
    4. Dress code. Please know that there will be News Media, and high ranking officials, in attendance. We want to show them our best side.
    5. Tickets may be purchased up to the 16th of July. That means we must have your money in hand by that time or you won’t get in. Tickets are $15 and include your lunch meal. Meal will consist of barbeque chicken, or pork, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, banana pudding for desert and tea or water.(lunch by Dreamland) You can pay for tickets either through pay-pal (marked as a gift), cash, or check mailed to me. When we say ticket, it means your name will be put on the guest list.
    6. Upon entry you will be issued 1 ticket for door prizes. If you want more you may purchase them for $2 each at the front door.
    7. Smoking or dipping are not allowed in the building and alcohol will not be tolerated.
    8. During the program the front doors will be locked to prevent anyone from entering. (1-2pm) We feel all should be able to enjoy the presentation together and listen the program.
    9. Common sense will be the order of the day.

    Check out the event on the Face Book page below.
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    State Wide Open Carry Event July 21, 2012

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    Thumbs up Driving From Wisconsin To Attend

    Myself and one of my family members here are going to make the trip to Alabama for this event. I grew up in Munford and most of my family still lives in Alabama. I informed my sister who lives in Marbury of this event and she and a friend are going to attend.

    Edited to remove my question about tickets! I see now that our names will be on the guest list!

    Looking forward to the event!
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