To avoid interfering with anyones' July 4th plans we are pushing back the meeting dates in July by one week. The meetings in Shreveport and LaPlace will be on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. Still at 6:30pm.
Due to the horrible customer service at the Shreveport IHOP the NorthWest Chapter has decided to move its' meetings down the road to Tiger Bites (8510 Youree Drive).
The SouthEast Chapter will endure the horrible IHOP service and continue to meet at the IHOP on Belle Terre in LaPlace in July. If the meeting room is double booked again, as it has been in recent months, we will move our meeting to a corner of the main resturant area to avoid having to deal with noise issues.

Carry IS allowed at both IHOP and Tiger Bites, both concealed and Open Carry and you may carry or not as you choose. While this is a LOCAL event, you do NOT have to be a LOCAL member to attend. All are invited. Come out and socialize and learn about LOCAL and Open Carry.