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Thread: Dems turn on Eric Holder and plan to vote for contempt over Fast and Furious

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    Dems turn on Eric Holder and plan to vote for contempt over Fast and Furious


    PS: For those of you that thought Obama/Holders's "Fast and Furious" was about tracking guns and to arrest gun runners, let me help. Bush had a similar program(Wide Receiver) started out of Phoenix, BUT they used about 100 guns and arrested the runners BEFORE they got to Mexico. Obama/Holder flooded Mexico with over a 1,000 rifles. As a result at least one Border Agent is dead and around 200 Mexicans have been killed with those weapons. There intent was to flood cartels with the weapons, have many Mexicans die in the crossfire and then use that to get the hoplophobes in such a hysterical outrage that they convinced the undecided to join them in getting Congress to bring back the "assault" weapons ban. Back door gun control. REMEMBER that when you vote and educate your friends.
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    Right on the money ... meant to try to restrict our gun ownership ... actually backfired one them, huh?

    And this has nothing to do with political parties ... the GOV'T wants your guns and will do anything to get them

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    I have been sending the forum letter the GOA sends out and sounds like the GOA is making progress. Those who wanted a change , are you ready to change back?

    Don't vote for Obama

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