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Thread: Michigan court says Second Amendment protects open carry

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    Michigan court says Second Amendment protects open carry


    “On the other hand, Heller states that concealed weapons may be banned, but makes no such statement regarding openly carried arms. Indeed, Heller cites with approval two state cases that struck down laws prohibiting the public carrying of hand guns. The Second Amendment explicitly protects the right to ‘carry’ as well as the right to ‘keep’ arms. Likewise, the Michigan Constitution specifically allows citizens to ‘bear’ arms for self-defense. We therefore conclude that a total prohibition on the open carrying of a protected arm such as a taser or stun gun is unconstitutional.”

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    Often our court system fails in regards to "protected" rights in my opinion. Nice to see it when they do get it right.

    Thanks for posting.

    - G9
    “A government that does not trust it’s law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself unworthy of trust.” James Madison.

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    Be interesting to see how this plays out in the CADL case now.
    The worst weapon is the human mind, its created and done things far worse than a gun can, has, or ever will. Its the human mind that tells the gun what to do and animates the inanimate object.

    With all these gun control laws in place I have yet to find a single one that has saved someones life, but I can find hundreds of stories where a gun has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yance View Post
    Be interesting to see how this plays out in the CADL case now.
    I was thinking the same thing. Should at least make it more interesting.

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    Yes....thanks for giving us ANOTHER STICKY *face palms*

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQ View Post
    Yes....thanks for giving us ANOTHER STICKY *face palms*
    Agreed. One of the mods should go thru the stickies here and un-stick some of the older news threads at a minimum.
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