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Thread: Thanks for the last 5 years

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    Thanks for the last 5 years

    Well the time has finally come my first CPL expires in a month and a half so today I went down to the silverdale KSCO office and got it renewed. It is hard believe it has already been 5 years. When I first came to this site 5 years ago like many others I had no idea open carry was legal in Washington state. It took some time but slowly a little at a time I started open carrying much due to the conference and support I have found with this group. Open carrying has changed in ways I never thought it would and I definitely stand here a completely different man than who I walk in as. Like any family we do not always agree and sometimes do argue with each other but through it all you have always been there for me. I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know how much I have enjoyed the last 5 years and how thankful I am to have this group to turn to.

    I have met some of you over the years and have always been thankful to be in such good company and look forward to meeting the rest of you soon. Thank you all for a amazing 5 years and thank you so much for helping grow and and develop into the man I am today. Here is to many more years supporting our right to carry!

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    I can echo the commenst of F.S. -

    I've had a CPL for over twenty years, but never would have started open carrying without the support, help and information presented here!

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    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary of sorts. I just got my first ever CPL the beginning of this year, and I started my OC journey the same week that I applied for it. I too, had no idea OC was legal in WA until I applied for my CPL, and began researching laws and carry maps online, that's when I stumbled upon this site. Been here ever since, and been OC'ing since January. The first weeks were odd, now it's natural, and I love it.
    Be safe, be prepared, and carry on!

    Alle Ihre Basisstation jetzt zu uns gehören

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