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Thread: Former LEO Joining the Herd!

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    Former LEO Joining the Herd!

    Howdy Folks!
    I don't want to blow it for a new member who just joined our merry band, but we have a new member who is former LEO and an avid enthusiast for Open Carry!

    He was an officer for some 8 years in California, and has personal knowledge of fighting for his life against somebody determined to end it.
    Newly arrived in Colorado, he aims to make his home here and already had a job waiting for him when he got to Colorado Springs.
    He contacted me with questions about OC, especially in Denver and Douglas County. He somehow got the notion that OC was not accepted in Douglas.
    We spoke by phone and I assured him OC was perfectly fine in Douglas County. In fact, we talked about a number of questions during our chat.

    Eventually, and when he gets a bit of spare time, he will introduce himself to everybody on the forum. The wife and I are thinking to visit Colorado Springs today, and if so, I hope to meet up with him and maybe take lunch together. He is an avid supporter of OC, and hopes to enjoy that freedom here in Colorado. He will also be applying for a CCW permit shortly, largely because of Denver's OC restriction. He has busted some serious offenders and put them in jail, so he has a real need to carry for his own defense. There are some that would pose a threat to his life if they encountered him on the streets.

    In any event, he'll be along to introduce himself eventually and I hope everyone will join with me to make him feel right at home here on the Colorado board.

    Meanwhile, as I told him and encourage every member of the Colorado board similarly.... Be safe out there!


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    Nice, In my opinion its always nice to have more advocates of OC on the forum. Looking forward to meeting em, thanks for the heads up! I wonder where the douglas county thing came from though.. we have people out tellin fibs again it appears. You should ask him where he heard that from just curious is all it would be nice to put the boot on that rumor before douglas county gets the idea to run with it.


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