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Thread: Off topic/Duplex next to me for rent

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    Off topic/Duplex next to me for rent

    The landlord just put the place next to me for rent.It is a 1 large bedroom,1 bath, fireplace, approx 1100 sqr ft. in Browns Point .High vaulted beam cielings,laundry room,Huge windows upstairs looking out over commencement Bay,large yard(landscaping service is inc.Carport with storage .I have included some pics from my place and the place next door is exactly the same.Living room window is approx 15' wide by 8'.spectacular view. Huge deck off the living room and patio out the master bedroom downstairs all the rooms have view of the bay. .Very nice area.In fact GoGodawgs lives a couple blocks away.Those of you that have been to my place can attest to the views etc.They are asking $895.
    no smokers and no pets. PM or e-mail me if you are interested.

    anyway here are some pics from my place ,next door is exactly the same.There are more pics of the sunset and videos on my facebook page.
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    If you hear of a 2 bedroom anything near Duvall for around $800 a month let me know. I hope to be out of the RV before winter.
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    *whistles* Man..... those are some great views at a REALLY good price. I'm from the SF Bay Area, and lemme tell ya, a place like that would go anywhere between 2000-3000 a month EASILY! I don't make above 1000 a month, but if I did, I'd definitely shoot to move there.

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