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Thread: Where.... Oh, Where...

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    Where.... Oh, Where...

    Howdy Folks!
    I have today and tomorrow off. I'm all on my own and have little to do.
    While I will be checking on a real evasive defendant in Aurora, somewhat south of here,
    I just ain't got much of anything planned.

    Leaves me wondering where I might end up as I go about my usual law abiding OC business.

    One thing I do know is that I will be going to the bank to set up automatic payments on my car loan.
    Plus I wanna stock up on a few things at King Soopers.
    Might meander over to Golden to visit a friend over there.

    Anybody wanna play sidekick?

    Where do you anticipate OC'ing today?

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    Too bad we have a little pile of rocks between us.

    However the disabled friend that has been living with us has decided to return to her home in Iowa and I will be taking her half way to meet her family, so I will be returning home through the Denver area with time to kill. Exact date is not set yet but I will let you know and perhaps we can break bread again. I am thinking of heading north of I-70 on the return trip and doing some fly fishing on the way home.
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    I'd be more than happy to join ya today and do some OC'ing and having fun, but I'm stuck at work with nothing to do but research the gun laws in the states I will be visiting. I'm trying to figure out what the deal with Minnesota is. Fiancee wants to take a route through there on our way to WI. MN doesn't honor CO's permit, and says it has to be unloaded, in a case, and in the trunk. We are traveling in a minivan so I dunno where to put it other than the glovebox and that could be considered CC.

    Have fun today and I hope you find another OC'er to join ya!



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