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Thread: Celebrating Freedon on the 4th of July, Where Did You Open Carry Today?

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    Celebrating Freedon on the 4th of July, Where Did You Open Carry Today?

    gas station, convenience store, dollar store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McX View Post
    gas station, convenience store, dollar store.
    I open carried yesterday. I will open carry today. I will open carry tomorrow. That is all. Carry on.
    Liberty or death. We're sorry, there are no other options available at this time..........
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    Cool oc the 4

    I oc during the Milton parade to day ,no trouble some one said look at that guy.Went to a ems call on my street the cop got there and never said any thing ,they know i oc. hope every one had a happy 4th ,to hot.

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    Parade, fireworks and everywhere in between
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    Unlike last year I was scheduled to work today. Although I openly carried a pistol at work for 8 hours I don't count that in your OP.

    Prior to going to work I rode my Harley around town including down by the lake front. It was a hot SOB today I'll tell you what!!!!!!!!

    I openly carried my Glock 26 on my hip with no incident while riding.


    At about 12:40pm I was down on N. 11th Street to get on the I-94 freeway west bound so I could go home and shower/s**t/shave and change into my uniform so I could get to work by 2pm.

    While sitting at a traffic light some guy tapped his horn, pointed at my pistol and gave me "thumbs up"!. I just nodded but I was thinking:

    Gawd bless America!!!!! It's the 4th of July!!!!!!THIS is what it's all about!!!!

    Then I went to work and kept you all as safe as I could AND defend/protect your rights under the U.S. and State of Wisconsin Constitution. You're welcome and thank you for trusting me to do so. I shall not let you down!!!!!

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    Open carried at the parade in Evansville and then head up to Oshkosh and carried at Sawdust Days without any issue.

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    I went to the grocery store to pick up some ice cream.
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