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Thread: DUI Checkpoint on West Sahara?

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    DUI Checkpoint on West Sahara?

    There is a DUI Checkpoint somewhere in the west valley tonight, if anyone is interested. I heard about it while listening to NW dispatch, but they didn't say where it was. I tried to find a public announcement of it, but try as I might, I can't seem to find it. Best I could find was a fluff piece on KTNV from yesterday about one on East Sahara, and it made mention of there being one on West Sahara today, but no specifics.

    If anyone is planning to make an appearance, I might as well. I am not NEARLY as well versed on these things as some of y'all, so I would only be interested if others were going to head over there.

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    My brother griped at me cause the last time I got stuck in a checkpoint I was threatened with arrest. He actually called me after going through this one (saraha and sandhill I think he said). He said the officer asked him if he'd been drinking. He replied, nope that he was driving home from work after working a swing shift. The officer asked where, and he answered. Then the officer asked him why he wasn't drinking...and my brother said he never drinks. Then the officer said why not? And asked what drugs he does. Brother said none. Then the officer said somethin like he needs to party more, points at others arrested/detained already on the side - like them. My brother laughed, made a joke, and then the officer said have a good night.

    My brother took this as a nice professional stop.

    Hearing him tell this story to me on the phone made me sick... I dunno - the cops questions just pissed me off - even though not directed to me at all.

    but yah, I think this was the checkpoint you were talkin about.

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    Why should it piss you off...
    Detainment without cause.
    Interrogation under detainment.
    Answer a bunch of personal questions as submissively as possible and hope the nice cop lets you go home...

    It's the American way.
    Where's the emoticon that shows you've made your self noxious by thing about the lost freedoms?

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