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Thread: July 4th Fireworks cancelled in Martinsburg--2 shot in War Memorial Park...

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    July 4th Fireworks cancelled in Martinsburg--2 shot in War Memorial Park...


    This story is obviously made-up and fake.

    Martinsburg has a city ordinance that prohibits the possession or carry of firearms on ALL City-owned property.

    So there is simply NO WAY that anyone even HAD a gun in the park, let alone shot two people during the July 4th festivities.

    Because everyone knows that "gun control" laws like the Martinsburg city-property ban actually WORK against criminals and thugs.
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    Next time they make a movie about a town spiraling out of control into zombie fever, apocalyptic violence or any other 'disaster' movie theme; they can just take cameras and film parts of Martinsburg.

    Every time I go home to visit family, we drive through there, and every time I breath out loud a fervent prayer of thanks that I don't live there anymore.

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