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Thread: Carry on Corps of Engineers property?

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    Carry on Corps of Engineers property?

    Hi Folks,

    We are leaving to hit the road soon to Wisconsin and I've got an issue. My fiancée finally told me where we are camping and the campground is on Army Corps of Engineers property. Ugh, now I wonder if I gotta leave my sidearm at home. I'm pretty bummed, but I really hope CC is okay and I dunno if the new carry laws for National Parks applies to Army Corps of Engineers property. Might just have to find another spot but she reserved this one and won't be happy if we have to change campgrounds to accommodate my sidearm. We will be driving straight through the night and I'd prefer I have with me especially at gas stations in the middle of the night. Anyone know the answer to carrying on Corps of Engineers property?

    Much Appreciated!

    Edit: according to, CC is prohibited. I've heard that CC and OC are ok at Chatfield State Park, which is a Army Corps of Engineer property. *sigh* I'm stumped. I will convince her we will have to find another spot to camp at tomorrow night and Sat.

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    Carrying on Corps of Engineer land is prohibited. And since they are a federal agency, it's a federal court that hears the case.
    The Gosar amendment, modeled after the Recreational Lands Self-Defense Act (H.R. 1865) introduced by pro-gun Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH), is similar to a 2009 law repealing the gun ban on National Park Service land. Army Corps of Engineers land was not part of that bill, something the Corps was quick to point out after that law took affect.

    The Corps said, in a statement: “Public Law 111-024 does not apply to Corps projects or facilities . . . [and the Army Corps] will continue to prohibit loaded concealed weapons on Corps properties regardless of the new law and notwithstanding any contrary provisions of state law.” -GunOwners.Org.
    The bill has been introduced and it's current status is....
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    I can't help ya much with the camp ground; but hunting is legal on Corps land, is anything in season???

    In Missouri where I just moved from they have a terrible feral hog problem (and people releasing Russian hogs) so the state had an "any time, any place, any way" policy on hogs. So I always carried when on Corps land (I did usually have a rifle) and figured I would say "I'm hog hunting" if ever questioned.

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