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Thread: New, from Washington, multiple questions

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    New, from Washington, multiple questions

    Hey, first post ever.

    I hit 21 a couple months ago and I've been doing some pretty bad internet research into Washington Gun Laws and whatnot, and I've decided that I'd like to Open Carry, over a concealed carry.

    While my political views are fairly left wing, I'm pretty loyal to the constitution, and so I feel it's far less of a right to bear arms than it is a responsibility.

    As such, I found this forum and I have a pretty long stint of questions I'd like solid answer to.

    A couple facts I feel I need to point out.

    A.) I'm 5'8" tall and around 170 pounds, physically fit.
    B.) I'm left handed.
    C.) I've had minor exposure to firearms in the past. (I think I've fired about 50 rounds in my lifetime, total)
    D.) I'm on Part-Time wages, so I can't afford a weapon that costs more than around 500$.
    E.) I'm situated deep in a city, Tacoma, Washington to be exact.

    Bearing those basic facts in mind.

    1.) I'm looking for stopping power. I don't want a gun that I need shoot more than once when lives are in danger, I've personally ruled out anything 9mm or less, but if someone with a greater expanse of knowledge can persuade me otherwise, I'll gladly pick one up.
    What is a very effective starting-level pistol? Something clip fed and powerful enough to stop an attacker, but safe enough to handle with a few bouts of clumsiness?

    2.) I don't think, from the things I've seen and the reports I've read, that Concealed Carry is a very effective method of holding a weapon for personal or public protection. I'm hard-sold on Open Carry, and am ready for the odd glances and fearful looks I'll get for having a pistol strapped to me everywhere I go.
    That said, I'm left handed and I'd really like a holster at around mid-thigh level (Just think of any Western for the basic idea), but at the same time, I feel that it might potentially endanger me because of the ease at which a gun-grab could be performed.
    Also I do not know the legality of that kind of holster.
    So, is a mid-thigh level holster advisable and / or legal?

    3.) Aside from federal buildings and bars, where can you NOT carry a firearm?

    4.) I'm looking to take additional safety classes, what are the usual going rates and how long are the classes?

    Thank you guys and gals for any and all advice you can give me, I'll probably be back more than once for information.
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    It'd be better to Copy & Paste your post here over to the Washington (state) Forum area where your fellow "Washingtonians" (?) reside...right next door to the Oregonian "Wesen" -- and their Grimms.

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