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Thread: OC on an ATV?

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    OC on an ATV?

    Hi. I am going camping on an ATV in Wisconsin. Do I need to case my gun and ammo or can I wear it open on my hip while driving an ATV? Thanks for any news. I have a CHP in Virginia but it is not recognized in Wisconsin. Also will I catch crap if Have the gun in my checked bag when it goes through Ohare enroute to Madison?
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    As for the OC on the ATV in Wisconsin, I would suggest posting that question in the WI forum. They would know better.

    As for air travel, there are plenty of easy to find FAQs on this forum and elsewhere that outline this. The short version is that as long as you pack it appropriately, unloaded, and declare it at the counter, you should be fine. I have travelled by air on numerous occasions, and I always take my guns. The airlines have always (with me anyway) handled this exceptionally well.

    This website is a friend of mine, and his site is chock full of good info on the subject.

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