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Thread: Getting back in after absence

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    Getting back in after absence

    Hello again to all those that know me and; Welcome, to all new members. I have been out of sorts, not gone just inactive for 1-1 1/2 years.

    I was recently introduced to a "New Age" rock band and thought I would share it to get it out there. This band IS-PRO GUN, PRO MILITARY, PRO SM. GOVT.. They do one hellava Star Spangled Banner. The Band is Madison Rising at: They are trying to reach 1,000,000 views by election day. And they would be a draw at Rally Day!........Hint....Hint guys. Provide feedback on Star Spangled Banner back here!

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    Welcome back.

    You had better have some good stories.

    stay safe.
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    Welcome back. As a matter of fact, I was wondeing what happened to you the other day (I drove near your house and it hit me we hadn't heard from you for a long time).

    I'll add another hit to the band in a econd.

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