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Thread: USCCW membership - worthwhile or worthless

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    USCCW membership - worthwhile or worthless

    Hello Folks,
    Been lurking here for 2 weeks reading most of the threads in the OH forum and just completed registration here. During the process I clicked on a link to USCCW, which in the end was an advertisement for an organization that required paid membership. While there were a lot of literature given as sign up gifts I thought maybe this was information that could readily be found elsewhere on the internet, for free or at a lower price. So my first question to this sage group is this: Is USCCW membership worthwhile or worthless?

    I live on the East side of Cincinnati, been a resident for 12 years, moved from KY in 2000. Back in the 80's I was an avid shooter and FFL but lost interest for a number of reasons that are not relevant today. I just purchased a Sig P250 in 9MM and will be taking my CHL class on 7/21. The main reson I opted to become a gun owner again is that we take our camper to KY and TN, and plan to take longer trips as time allows in the next few years. Even though I didn't have a means of defense in my home I felt safe there but didn't totally have that same feeling in the camper. With all the reading in the last few weeks it appears that it would be legal for me to take my handgun on trips to states with reciprical licensing.

    At any rate, I'm no longer lurking on this forum and hope to keep learning from my fellow Buckeyes....

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    I joined USCCW a few years ago after reading their magazine. Back then, that was the only real benefit IMHO.

    The problem now is that the membership MUST come with their self-defense insurance plan, which quadrupled the membership price!!

    All I want is the magazine, darn it!

    There are many, many articles available with a membership, including on-line access to all the back issues of their magazine.

    You will not find a lot of support for open carry there, just FYI. It IS a CC organization.
    What does a caring, sensitive person feel when they are forced to use a handgun to stop a threat?


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