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Thread: Road Rage Leads to Brandishing in Fredericksburg...

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    Road Rage Leads to Brandishing in Fredericksburg...

    This idiot was lucky that the other driver was unarmed...

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    That was almost two weeks ago.

    Just to show that not all of Fredericksburg is stupid... this one from yesterday is MUCH better.

    It is of some interest to note that the "400 block of Hanover Street" is made up almost entirely of very large homes from the early to mid-1800s with values probably averaging on the upwards side of a million dollars.

    Oh, and Cobblestone is at least 7 or 8 blocks away, depending on how you walk...

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    The resident forced the intruder to get on the floor in the entrance hallway, and the suspect was still there when police arrived a short time later.
    The line between citizen's arrest and kidnapping is a very thin one. In this case things worked out OK, but the opportunities for it going sideways are numerous. Just reminding folks to be careful when they 1) move a burglar from one place to another inside the house and 2) they hold the burglar at weapon-point while waiting for the cops to get there.

    And speaking of cops getting there - if you call and tell them you are holding a gun on the bad guy, be prepared for a possibly tense moment even if the cops have a clear description of who is who and you have complied with any instructions they might have given regarding what to do with the firearm once they have arrived.

    The curiosity is killing me - what load did he have in the shotgun? (In this case even lead dust would be called effective.)

    Inn closing, let me say "Hurrah for the homeowner!"

    stay safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmark View Post
    The line between citizen's arrest and kidnapping is a very thin one.
    Well, it may be-depending on the state.

    But an inappropriate citizens arrest is seen by most states as a civil offense, not criminal.

    From the link: "That apparently aggravated the other motorist"

    Brian Regan would say "Apparently!"
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