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Thread: I didn't know this happened

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    I didn't know this happened

    Im glad to see this report in the news even though it is a year old ....

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    for those that don't want to click the link...

    Meade has been fired from the Everett Police Department, according to documents released Thursday by the City of Everett. Meade had been placed on paid administrative leave the day after the June 10, 2009, shooting and never returned to work.
    A letter written to Meade by Everett Police Chief Jim Scharf, and released by the city on Thursday, said the reason for the firing is "unacceptable misconduct."
    "You are an experienced member of this Department. You should know, and you must know, that sound judgment and articulable factors for the use of deadly force are paramount for responsible, effective law enforcement," Scharf wrote. "I do not deem you fit to continue as an Everett Police Officer."

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