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Thread: does it matter what holster u use to oc

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    Question does it matter what holster u use to oc

    I was wondering if someone could tell me if it matters what kind of holster you use to oc and if it does what kind would you recommend?

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    Welcome aboard OCDO.

    There are no legal requirements dictating what type/style holster one must use for OC.

    Most prefer either a belt slide or paddle with some active retention. Some choose traditional leather, other are partial to kydex.

    I normally OC one of my 1911s in a belt slide Blackhawk Serpa CQC - works for me.
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    Everybody, and I mean everybody, swears by those Blackhawks. Which is why I don't own one. I'm a rebel without a clue.... or is that a cause? Either way, I bought myself a paddle holster under the pretense that there are areas where we cannot open carry and therefore my firearm would be left in my car (inside a locked container, do not leave firearms lying around your vehicles!)... the more I've carried the more I've realized it's pointless to remove my whole set up every time I have to enter 'the forbidden land'... I wear my holster everywhere now and only remove my gun.

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