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Thread: What happened to HB5745?

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    What happened to HB5745?

    I posted this in an Illinois forum that shall not be named:

    Obviously, we are all waiting for the 7th circuit ruling before any attempt is made to pass carry legislation in Illinois, but for those us us that Open Carry is an important issue, I and others are wondering if the bill that will be brought to the out next will be HB5745 that allows open carry or HB148 that does not. States that didn't include open carry like Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma in the original bill have had many years of fighting for this basic right, Only Oklahoma, out of those three has finally had the right to open carry restored. Open carry isn't a contentious issue that needs to be thrown out to get anti gun activists support. But if it isn't in the original bill, it has shown to be difficult to restore.

    I would like to know if open carry is part of the plan from the "powers that be", because truthfully, I don't really want to support a concealed carry only bill any more. I do not want to be told to wait another 5 or 6 years to get open carry into Illinois law. I'll bet there are many here that agree.

    Open carry is something that needs to be included the first time.

    Here is a link to my post on the other board:
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    So you along with the rest of the supposed open carry community (which I'm a major part of, ask the community in Washington state who I am) in Illinois are going to refuse to support unless you get what you directly want?

    Carry for self defense is the end game. There are more concealed carry states than open carry states. Concealed carry is the current default when the public at large thinks of carry for self defense.

    I don't believe OC is nefarious (I'm an Arizonan), but you may not get what you want at first pass (it took 17 years for OK to pass licensed OC).

    I can excuse most Illinoisans who will get licenses with this process. The first they will get wind of it is in the evening news when they announce it becoming law.

    However, if you free ride the work those of us both in and outside of Illinois have been doing by yourself acquiring a license to carry for self defense, I hope you feel a profound sense of shame for knowing you could have helped but didn't. Even I put in work into it, and I live 2000 miles away. What's your excuse?

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