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Thread: Hello all

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    Hello all

    I was wondering what it would take to register my firearm in Kansas so I can OC to Missouri....I have family that lives in Joplin

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    Why do you think you need to register? Do you know of a law that says only registered guns may be carried in MO?

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    Howdy Pardner!
    Since guns are not registered in Colorado, how can they be registered in Kansas when you maybe bought the firearm here? I don't get the question.

    I have OC'd in Kansas, and nobody batted an eye. Same goes for other nearby states. Haven't been to Missouri, but I believe that most of their state is OC friendly too.

    Kansas has incomplete preemption, as does Missouri. Ergo, how your carry rights are affected vis a vis OC may depend on whether a specific jurisdiction may forbid OC where others surrounding it accept OC without problems.

    Hence, you get a hodge podge of local ordinances that make for a crazy quilt pattern of OC friendly vs. OC hazard.

    But registration ain't part of the program. "License" is another matter. If you have your CCW, you should be totally excellent to carry.
    If not, OC can be tricky. You'll need to bone up on what every local jurisdiction has on the books anywhere you intend to stop.

    Good luck amigo, and enjoy your travels.


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