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Thread: A "gun-friendly" restaurant?

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    Thumbs up A "gun-friendly" restaurant?

    A couple of weeks ago, I posed a question to the managers of two Steak & Shake restaurants in this area of Illinois. I asked if they had any knowledge of a corporate policy concerning customers with firearms. They didn't know and referred me to the Steak & Shake website. There was no "Contact Us" link there BUT there was a link to Biglari Holdings There, I found out that they also own Western Sizzlin steakhouses.
    Here's the text of my letter:

    Sardar Biglari
    Chairman of the Board & CEO
    17802 IH 10 West, Suite 400
    San Antonio, Texas 78257

    Dear Mr. Biglari,

    Recently, a manager in one of your Steak & Shake franchises was asked a question that he was unable (or unwilling) to answer. He suggested contacting corporate to try and find the answer.

    In searching up the Steak & Shake website, there was no “Contact Us” option to be found. However, there was the link to Biglari Holdings, which also failed to have a “Contact Us” option, hence this letter.

    In reading the information at the Holdings website, I came across this piece of information which may have a bearing on the question, particularly, the first two sentences.

    III. Ethical Standards

    A. Compliance with Applicable Law

    Compliance with the law is essential to the Company’s ethical obligations. Covered Persons must obey the laws of the United States and of the states, counties and cities in which the Company conducts business. (emphasis added) While a Covered Person may not know the details of every rule and regulation to which the Company’s activities are subject, all such persons should know enough about the applicable law to know when to seek the help of a supervisor or the Company’s legal counsel.

    Based on those two sentences, my question to you sir is, in the 49 States that allow either “Open Carry” or “Concealed Carry” of firearms, do your restaurants and franchises comply with those laws, or do you deny potential customers entry if they are lawfully armed? Remember, this applies only to those people that are already in compliance with the laws in their areas. Anybody intent on causing mayhem in one of your restaurants is most likely already violating the law in some fashion and no sign on the door is going to hinder them in any way.

    I have no desire to see one of your operations in the news the way Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas did years ago, but if your restaurants do deny potential customers entry on that basis, it makes one wonder just how well that “compliance” is actually followed.

    I ask you again, do your restaurants allow law-abiding customers to bring their firearms with them or not?

    Sincerely yours,

    A couple of days ago I received a reply and scanned it in as a photo. It appears that, while not exactly "friendly" to gun owners, they abide by the local laws. While you might get a local store that tries to bar you, if you print the attached letter, you'll have if from corporate to show them.
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    Can't ask for more than that.
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    Asking in advance of an incident of being told you cannot bring it in/must take it out to the car always scares me. Whether it is asking if it is OK to wear your handgun or to take extra napkins seems to predispose so many folks to saying "No". To that end I generally do not ask in advance. When I do, I do not come right out and ask "Is it OK if I wear my gun here?" I tend to ask questions about personal safety for both employees and patrons/customers, and work towards getting them to agree that lawful carry is both safe and not something that will upset others. (Well, there are always going to be a very few who get their knickers in knots whenever someone shows any independence or personal responsibility.)

    Now, if they would just open up one on this side of town.

    stay safe.
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    I've had no issues with the franchises here. I love their fries and shakes!!
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