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Thread: Greater Richmond OC Breakfast, Sat. 7/21, 9:30 AM

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    Greater Richmond OC Breakfast, Sat. 7/21, 9:30 AM

    River City Diner
    803 E. Parham Rd.
    Richmond, VA, 23227
    (804) 266-1500
    - Venue Website

    Rain or shine, Sat. July 21st, 9:30 AM
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    i'm gonna try to be there at about 9:15 to catch a quick bite.
    i'll need to be headed up i95 by 9:45 or so to bass pro shops for for Jim's class at 10:00.
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    Woke up from my nap to see if it was time to go to sleep yet. I can do that now without worrying about where to get breakfast.

    I'll need to leave a bit early myself - circumstances require that I travel north of Ashland mid-day. Please keep those phones charged in case I call saying I need bail funds. NoVa traffic - is it worse on the weekends when they are out all day than it is during the week when they are off the roads for some part of the day?

    stay safe.
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    I'll probably be there too. We just got another storm here. At least they're getting smaller.

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