I can't speak for anyone else, but I personally purchased 2 stripped AR-15 lowers Saturday afternoon. Now, before you say I'm being an alarmist, lets be clear that this was a purchase I was going to make eventually, but the events this weekend in CO, prompted me to act sooner rather than later.

Has anyone else felt the need to buy up some more ammunition or purchase one or more new firearms in anticipation of the possibility of an AWB again?

A family member in Arizona went to a gun show in the Phoenix area Saturday. She doesn't go to them often enough to say weather it was extraordinarily busy, but she did tell me that people who were buying, "military style" rifles were not hesitating to take out the plastic, and that most vendors only had the very highest priced models left to sell. Basically, she said that if you had $2500 to spend you could find one, but there were no more to be had for less than that.