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Thread: New Carry Gun

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    New Carry Gun

    Well its been 6 months since I haven't bought a gun. Well the withdrawals are over whelming and I'm looking for a new carry gun. Something lighter then my 4in 1911.
    For me I have my CWP normally have my shirt hanging over but not trying to hide it.

    I used a FN Five Seven before and was thinking about getting one.
    Would be using a SS197SR round as its the slowest that you can buy at this time but will still do damage.

    Any other ones I should look at.

    My other option is a XDM 40

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    I haven't shot a FN 5.7 pistol so I can't say how the recoil is so as far as self defense I don't know whether its recoil allows for faster follow up shots or not.

    I lost interest in the pistol when I learned that the main feature of defeating bulletproof vests wasn't available to the general public via the restriction of sales of ammo. Without that it just seems like a .22 pistol with less capacity than the KelTec PMR. I don't know about ammo prices but I would think 5.7 ammo would be more expensive than .22 magnums. (ETA Although centerfire rounds are more reliable than rimfire)

    So personally I would go with an XDm which in 40S&W has 16+1 rounds compared to the 20+1 of the FiveseveN.

    There are many other good options though. :-) Check out the FNX line of pistols. I have a FNP-45 (they changed the name to FNX) and I carry 15+1 of .45acp!
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    XDs and M&Ps are both fine polymer pistols. I'm partial to the Beretta PX4 Storm (never thought I'd openly admit to liking a Beretta) as I refuse to carry any gun without a manual safety. There is that "other" polymer pistol manufacturer, if you're into that sort of thing.

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