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Thread: snubby retention?

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    snubby retention?

    does anyone know of a good open carry retention holster for a hamerless 2inch .38 snubby?....left handed?
    i have a cc for it and somtimes just clip it to my pocket. but no retention.

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    There are too many manufacturers out there who have thumb-break style holsters to even begin listing them - my mind literally boggles at the notion. IIRC SERPA has come out with a model for j-frames. I'm just not sure they have lefty models out yet.

    Many of the old style holsters used by cops had a hammer strap (different from a thumb break).

    I'm curious why you seem to need assistance finding something.

    stay safe.
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    There is a left handed Serpa holster for the S&W "J" frame.
    I've had one for a couple of years. It ONLY fits the S&W. I bought mine hoping it would fit my Taurus 85, it didn't because the Taurus has a shroud over the ejection rod which the S&W does not have.

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