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Thread: Utah Concealed Weapons Permit for use in Sheridan, WY

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    Utah Concealed Weapons Permit for use in Sheridan, WY

    Moved here to Sheridan, Wy, from Washington State, will be here for a while, but, not sure if I will decide to be a permanent resident. I have a WA State cwp but not honored by Wyoming. I do have the Utah State Concealed Weapons permit which is honored by Wyoming. If for now, I just stay to visit for a few months deciding if i will stay, can i still legally carry concealed with the Utah permit, although i still will have my WA State ID such as my drivers license, and WA St. cwp., etc.

    I know Utah permit is honored in Wyoming, but, if I am not a resident, is it still legal to carry concealed in Wy with the Utah permit. Please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much

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    I as well have a NON-Resident Utah CCW. As i understand the rules. If you move you must notify Utah BCI within 30 days of any address change! Its pretty easy I moved a few years ago I called over the phone and they changed my address in their records & thus kept my Utah CCW license valid. You should be able to call or submit a change of address form also available on Utah BCI website.
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    You do not have to be a UT resident for WY to recognize your UT permit. You are good to go. Of the states that recognize the UT permit, only four require the UT residency: FL, CO, NH, and MI.
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