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Thread: Looking for free ranges

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    Looking for free ranges

    I've always gone shooting on the Olympic Peninsula, but am going to be taking a friend out who can't make it that far. Can someone give me some info on where I can get out to some free shooting areas? I'm looking for something along the lines of the pit along 104, but preferably on the east side. A google maps link, directions, etc would be greatly appreciated.


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    I frequent the national forest for the vast majority of my shooting. As long as you follow the posted guidelines, nobody should mess with you.

    -do not shoot near an occupied area (campsite, trailhead, etc)

    -do not shoot over/accross roadways or water ways.

    Those are the main rules for the NF, you can shoot pretty much wherever and however you please.

    Happy shootin' !

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    Almost all the places within reasonable range of me require that I be accompanied by a member to use their range, which is really lame. Greene's is the only place that doesn't require membership, but I've been going to them for so long, I was hoping to find someplace new.

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    shooting place

    Sunday shoot,,, Mason Lake!!!

    Originally Posted by 1245A Defender
    I will tell all about MY pit...

    Its in a clearing at the north east point of Mason Lake.
    go to the intersection of mason lake drive west and east trails end road,
    go west on west mason lake drive west for 100 feet or so.
    turn right on a graval road, follow that road about 1 mile, stay left, go around a left curve, see the graval pile!
    set your targets there and shoot pistolaro range,
    drive further down the road for rifle shooting at those same targets up too 120 yards.

    if any of you decide to go up for a shoot, i would welcome a heads up if you would like some company.
    its a good deal for me as you drive past my house to get there.
    you can stop for coffee or a beverage.

    Originally Posted by 1245A Defender
    I dont like PMs for public stuff, but I just got this one and wanted to respond to all shooters...

    """your shooting area

    Iti s NOT really MY shooting area, my neighbor Fred showed it to me, I showed it to my friend John,
    then to my friend Sirpuma, so I guess it really is Freds, but I think it is really either DNR or Wearhouser land.

    Sooo everybody just go and have fun, pack out your targets or junk you might take to shoot, keep it clean and open..
    And dont forget to invite your friends...
    And if you make the invite here, in the open, youre bound to have more company.
    And meet more new folks from the forum.

    Originally Posted by gsx1138
    Heading out to the Mason Lake pit this Sunday. I've got the GPS coords so hopefull I can find it. Anyone else want to go shooting? Taking the girlfriend for a little firearm training.

    Sooo,, GSX1138.. tell us all what time you want to be shooting,,,
    and everybody else get off your a$$es and meet up there for some fun!

    General directions,,
    drive about 5 miles south from belfair and down south shore road, right pst my house, toward towana state park,
    then take a left turn at the yellow sign, up the hill, toward trails end lake,
    about 4 miles will get you to mason lake drive west,
    turn right at the green sign, youre almost there...

    info from my posts in the kitsap thread
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